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Tuesday Tidbits - May 29, 2007

Posted by Cat / May 29, 2007

20070529_Boris-the-tiger.jpgAs we eagerly await the return of foreign chip correspondent, Chip, here is your Tuesday news.

A serious political bombshell was dropped this morning with allegations that millions of federal dollars illegally went to the "No" campaign in 1995's sovereignty referendum. This afternoon, retired Quebec Judge Bernard Grenier's report will reveal whether or not $3.5 million was channelled from Ottawa to the Option Canada group to bolster the fedealist campaign. These allegations only further the politcal ferment brewing in Quebec.

In an effort to avoid another provincial election (which could have disastrous effects for the Liberals, given the aforementioned news), Premier Jean Charest is looking to cozy up to the PQ and win their support for the budget, but the Liberals are sticking to their $950-million tax cut. I would think that the opposition parties would equally want to avoid a July election, considering that none of them can even afford a campaign bus at present.

Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) is also suffering from budget troubles. The university is facing a deficit for the third year in a row, and the financial fiasco that is the new Sciences complex has cost the University $100 million (money which it does not have). Interim rector Danielle Laberge nonetheless states that the university will not file for bankruptcy.

In an effort to clean up its act, the downtown Ville-Marie borough will install four BigBelly "green" garbage bins in the downtown area. At $5000 apiece, the bins aren't cheap, but they use solar powered-technology to regularly compact the trash, and can hold up to five times the amount of garbage as a regular bin. The hope is that the bins will complement the new anti-littering laws introduced by borough Mayor Benoit Labonte last February.

In Sports news: the Habs will be hanging on to prized defenceman Andrei Markov.

In Arts & Life news: Montreal-based novelist D. Y. Béchard has won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for best first book for his novel "Vandal Love". Sarah Hampson, columnist for the Globe & Mail, recently wrote a compelling piece about Montreal poet, singer-songwriter, and cultural treasure Leonard Cohen. It was a very intimate, extraordinary experience for Ms. Hampson, and she will be sharing more stories and taking comments live online today at noon EDT.

And in Office de la langue francaise news: Boris, a Quebec-raised Siberian tiger, now living in an Edmonton zoo, seems despondent at being so far from his home province, and only responds when spoken to in french. The zoo is thus encouraging visitors to the zoo to speak to the big cat en francais, s'il vous plait.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Verlage/Canadian Press



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there should be more french-speaking tigers around; my french would improve, i think
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