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Tuesday's Tidbits - May 8

Posted by Hannah / May 8, 2007

20070508_news.jpgBefore we get to the news, MP would like to make a public service announcement. The Mirror's 18th annual Best of Montreal Readers Poll closes on May 11. That's 3 days from now!. Vote now. Get your friends to vote. Get your mom to vote. But remember give Midnight Poutine a little bit of your love in the best blog category. You don't have to fill out every line, but you must fill out at least 25. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Medicine-less in Montreal...Montreal doctor Jacques Chaoulli takes a swipe at the province's waiting lists by setting up a private match-making service. Forty dollars will find you the family physician, surgeon or other bloodletter of your dreams.

Dude! Where's my car?

...Police shimmied between aisles of air bags and reclining seats at a Laval chop shop yesterday, finding motors and components from more than 250 vehicles stolen from Montreal and Laval.

If it's not one takeover, it's another...On the heels of the Alcoa/Alcan romance turned bad, A.L. Van Houtte (aka Couche Tard coffee) is also experiencing some hostility from an American suitor, Littlejohn & Co. LLC. You might remember Littlejohn from another Montreal takeover earlier this week: the makers of duct tape.

Photo thanks to roarlaura

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