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Friday News Fodder - June 15, 2007

Posted by Susan / June 15, 2007

I'm not the kind of person who uses adjectives like "ultimate" to describe Frisbee.

So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to keep a straight face when I read about the extreme food fights threatening the Montreal area.

As usual, the Internet is to blame.

Apparently, kids contact each other over the internet to get ready for the melees, and then post videos of the hilarity on video sites like YouTube. Montreal police say the last incident involved some parents being "roughed up," and charges have been laid, so it may be more serious than it initially seems. Maybe they'll make a moralistic Brando-esque pic about it one day. Parents, be warned.

As though our city needed more bragging rights besides superior bagels and better style, we are now poised to be the first Canadian city to have WiMAX wireless services blanketing our skies. The network is set to service the Plateau first, but will eventually expand, cost less than $30 per month, and work faster. That's a lotta Midnight Poutine.

And that's not the only thing drawing the envy of other cities. The mayor of Toronto, David Miller is well acquainted with the green-eyed monster, as he hopes to make his city the kind of festival Mecca that Montreal is. For his part, Mayor Tremblay says he isn't scared.

Those of you just outside the city who are overly concerned about your precious bodily fluids have yet more reason for paranoia. Evian's seeing a boost in profits in the Richelieu Valley, thanks to difficulties at a pumping station in the area that leaves 80,000 people without safe drinking water. Authorities say the problem will be fixed soon, but they would, wouldn't they?

Speaking of bodily fluids, researchers at the University of Montreal have been studying our preoccupations with sex, especially in our dreams. The study asked men and women to keep dream diaries, and found that sex popped up in 8% of everyone's dreams, although men dream more of having sex in public places.

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