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Friday News Fodder - June 22, 2007

Posted by Susan / June 22, 2007

news_062207.jpgBy now, you've probably heard about the beating that took place at the Berri-UQAM metro this Monday. A man continued to beat a woman who appeared to be his partner, while station security guards looked on, apparently telling bystanders that intervening was not their job. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who has snickered at a security guard or two in my time - I mean, let's face it, their uniforms look like they came from a package - but now in addition to looking silly, they are apparently also completely useless. The STM has now said that they want their security guards to intervene in such cases. Canada Post is expected to follow by asking letter carriers to place mail in the appropriate boxes, and hospitals are planning to instruct nurses that patients should not be suffocated with their pillows.

It's a long-accepted fact that if you want to lead this country, you've got to win over Quebec. So it's no surprise, given the party's streak of bad fortune, that the NDP hasn't elected an MP in the province for over 10 years. Well, mustachioed cutey-pie Jack Layton is hoping to change all that, recruiting Liberal turncoat Thomas Muclair to kick the Quebec Liberals right in the family jewels: Outremont. Muclair will be running in the Liberal stronghold next time an election rolls around.

If you were hanging out in Jeanne-Mance park yesterday, you may have noticed the unusual number of Canadian Forces soldiers having a tailgate party. The fellows from Valcartier were here to take in an Alouettes game before they head off to Afghanistan. On the same day, NATO's secretary-general was making his case for sticking with the mission there. See, the NDP isn't the only thing that's a tough sell in Quebec; support for the war effort is also particularly low in these parts. Those same soldiers plan to march in Quebec City today in support of the mission, but there are concerns that they will run into an anti-war protest planned nearby.

You know that old saying about death and taxes, so the news that a new bill tacks on more of the latter won't be a big surprise to most of you. Bill 22 was tabled in Quebec's National Assembly yesterday, included the possibility of laying new taxes on - well, pretty much everything. The idea is to give the government the power to tax whatever they like, in the hopes of phasing out some property taxes. If you thought $13 for the Paramount was bad, just wait until Tremblay gets his hands on your movie stubs.

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