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HumpDay Headlines - June 20, 2007

Posted by Cat / June 20, 2007

20070620_migrant-workers.jpgMornin', mornin'. Here's you're humpday round-up of all the news that's new and approved:

Montreal police have thwarted an alleged plot to kidnapp a local couple who recently won $27 million in the Quebec lottery. Police arrested a man who had tracked down the couple through the phone book, and who was supposedly planning to force them to withdraw as much as $10 million, and then kill them.

A Montreal filmmaker has taken refuge in the French Embassy in Iran. Mehrnoushe Solouki, a student at UQAM, has been accused by the government of Iran of making a propaganda film. Solouki was born in Iran, is a French citizen, and has permanent residency status in Canada. Iranian police have confiscated her passport, but because she is not a Canadian citizen, Ottawa cannot help her.

A candlelight vigil will be held tonight at the corner of St.Viateur and Hutchison streets, site of the Congregation Yetev Lev synagogue of the Satmar Hasidim. In response to the recent rash of fires in the town of Val David, popular summer retreat for many in Montreal's Hasidic community, Montrealer David Birnbaum has organzied the "vigil against violence". Many members of the community feel that the arson is the latest indication that Quebec police forces should establish hate crimes units.

There are allegations circulating that migrant farm workers in the area are subject to violent treatment on the part of their employers. Every growing season, the federal and Quebec governments allow workers from Mexico and Guatemala to come to the province and work on area farms. Workers point to frequent incidents of violence and abuse at the hands of farm managers, but when it comes to seeking government protection and intervention, neither Canada, Quebec, Mexico, or Guatemala seem willing to take responsibility for the workers, with each government arguing that these complaints fall under the jurisdiction of the other.

20070620_parco-don.jpgThe Ville-Marie borough will be installing 20-odd, refurbished coin-up parking meters around the downtown core, with the goal of using the meters to collect money for the city's homeless. Called "Parco-dons", the hope is that people who might otherwise be concerned about where the money goes when given directly to a homeless person, will be more inclined to give to the meters. L'Itineraire, a non-profit magazine dedicated to homelessness issues, is involved in the project.

And finally, 200,000 internet voters in the US have chosen the Celine Dion song "You and I (Were Meant to Fly)" as the theme song for Hilary Clinton's presidential campaign. The song will now be played ad nauseum for the next 18 months.

Need something to settle your stomach after that bit of news? Well, you won't find it in Today's Food Section. While La Presse is willing to offer you smart adivce on summery roses, folks over at Brock University claim that most of our wine choices are motivated by "bad judgement". A new book by Canadian professor of food science, Massimo Marcone, will introduce you to the pleasures of Saliva Soup and the infamous (and pricey) Scat coffee. But to really get your buzz on, pick up some fruit (specifically, frozen mango puree) from the city's latest shipment of international "specialities".

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