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Monday's Media Morsels - June 4

Posted by Hannah / June 4, 2007

20070604_news.jpgFormula 1 seems to be the top news story of the day. Now that the two-wheelers have left the island, the city will welcome the four-wheeled machines to Ile Ste-Helene this weekend. Listen for the whine of their engines waft up to the Plateau on Saturday.

The Globe reports that Montreal and its suburbs are eating up the surrounding unprofitable farmland. The city's appetite has been voracious, yet it hasn't gained much girth: 50,000 hectares has been rezoned since 1994, despite the city's slow growth.

The Gazette also has a feature on the growing raccoon problem. If you live in NDG you probably know what I'm talking about. The Montreal Society for the Protection of Animals reports that there are 25 raccoons per kilometre in that neighbourhood. They're cute, but they can destroy homes and send the summer BBQ indoors. Also, there's a rabies scare just over the border. Remember: raccoons foaming at the mouth = bad.

Photo via kris247

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