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Tuesday Tidbits: Montreal Celebrity Crisis?

Posted by Chip / June 12, 2007

20070612_mtroyal.jpgThere’s no doubt that the F1 is a huge event for the city, but the media coverage is getting silly. If you try googling ‘Montreal’ in their News search function, the first 25 or so stories that appear are all about this past weekend’s race. The award for silliest story goes to ITV (a Brit sports channel) lamenting the race for its lack of celebrity sightings. They go so far as to suggest that Celine Dion might have added some buzz to the festivities.

Soon, the F1 memories will fade to black and we can get back to worrying about driving our own cars. Worrying is what you should be doing if you’re driving in, or on, the ville-marie expressway. Although government officials are confident in their engineers’ assessment of damage to the tunnel system, they are being challenged by local McGill prof Saeed Mirza. According to Mirza, cracks appearing in the tunnel are ominous signs of things to come. Maybe wearing a helmet while you drive will help you feel safer?

Sticking with city infrastructure, it seems that bridges have become the preferred urban setting for testing out one’s climbing skills. The latest attempt to scale the Jacques Cartier was foiled in its early stages.

Montreal has cracked the top 50 list of the world’s best cities to do business in. But what exactly does that mean?

And finally, after receiving numerous complaints from passengers, Air Canada has decided to stop shipping dogs in the cargo hold of flights to Paris. The beagles were routinely shipped from Montreal to Paris to undergo laboratory testing. The complaints came from passengers who heard the poor buggers barking throughout the 7 hour flight

Photo from MP flickr group courtesy of allabouteve.



Eve Martel / June 12, 2007 at 11:24 pm
HEY! I took that pic!!

*rules the world*


Thanks for the credit guys. And I have to say, thank Thor that F1 weekend is over. I just can't stand all those angry drunks with their well-coiffed hair and expense accounts invading my favorite bars and restos. Bouge de là !
aaron / June 13, 2007 at 01:51 am
you might have something there about the celebrity crisis. I was walking out by the forum the other day an noticed that the only 2 stars on the sidewalk were for the rocket and the aforementioned queen of Kitsch. odd.
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