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Morning Brew: October 26, 2007

Posted by Sisi / October 26, 2007

Photo: "Stripes," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler luxiferre.

Your morning news roundup for Friday, October 26th, 2007:

*** Note: Due to problems with the Internet this morning, I couldn't publish the roundup on time. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you, Sympatico. And now, without further ado, your news:

The loonie hit a fresh 31-year high today, briefly weighing in at over $1.04 US. The surge happened despite Alberta's announced decision yesterday to boost oil royalties.

Organizers of Toronto Fashion Week have decided not to place BMI requirements on their runway models. They argue that the regulations would send an inappropriate message. The decision is part of an ongoing discussion on health and body image issues. Earlier this month, Montreal Fashion Week banned models with low body mass indexes.

More criticism is being flung at the Parti Québécois' proposed identity bill, which would require immigrants to pass a French test to become part of Quebec society. B'nai Brith Canada condemns the legislation as shameful and xenophobic, while the Quebec Human Rights Commission asserts that the bill would violate the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

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