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Morning Brew: November 30, 2007

Posted by Sisi / November 30, 2007

Photo: "Untitled," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler davduf.

Your morning roundup for Friday, November 30th, 2007:

Karlheinz Schreiber caused a media storm yesterday when he claimed that ex-PM Brian Mulroney was supposed to receive $500,000 rather than the original $300,000. The German-Canadian arms dealer arrived in Ottawa yesterday morning to appear at a hearing. When Schreiber finally took to the stand, he said that he wouldn't speak until his legal proceedings were over and his 35,000 pages of documents in Toronto, Ottawa, and Switzerland were made available to him. Despite these conditions, Schreiber let slip the bit about the $500,000, which came not from secret Airbus commissions, but from a Swiss bank account related to project called Bear Head.

Quebec was praised for its parental leave and universal child-care programs while the rest of Canada failed to make the grade. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development reviewed 30 member countries and found that Quebec's $7-a-day daycare policy increased the proportion of working mothers since 1997 by 21 percent, double the growth rate compared to the rest of the country. The province's investments are also counteracting the falling birth rate, but child care "continues to be viewed as a frill rather than a necessity in Canada."

Montreal health experts want a 60-second HIV test to made available throughout the province. They say that the Health Canada-approved test could encourage more people to get tested. It's the only Canadian-made rapid HIV test on the market, and involves mixing a drop of blood from the tip of the finger with liquid from some vials. The result is almost immediate, with an accuracy rate of 99.96 percent. The McGill AIDS centre is already planning to set up two clinics in Montreal where those at high risk can be tested on the spot.

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