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Morning Brew: February 10, 2008

Posted by Sisi / February 11, 2008

Photo: "Chocolat belge," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler The Bobby!.

Your morning news roundup for Monday, February 10th, 2008:

A Montreal teen is fighting deportation because her father lied to the Immigration and Refugee Board. The board says that Laeticia Angba, 18, is in Canada "under false pretences" because her dad, who acted as her sponsor, is a bigamist. He told authorities he was a widower and later married a Canadian woman, but the whole time he had a wife in the Ivory Coast. Angba says the board is punishing her for her father's mistakes and has been lobbying to stay since 2005. The pair moved to Montreal in 1996.

Does this mean episode 12 of Heroes?: The Hollywood writers' strike could be over. The Writers Guild of America told 10,500 striking movie and TV writers on Saturday morning that the union had reached a "tentative agreement" with major studios and networks. The deal won't become official until the writers approve it. They've been striking since Nov. 5 because they want compensation for movie downloads and streaming TV episodes. Despite the progress, it will take 6 weeks for new episodes of popular TV shows to appear because of production time. Some series will return with shortened seasons, and some won't return at all.

Social Science students from UQAM are striking today and will continue to do so for the entire week. They're unhappy with tuition hikes and the university's budget reform plan. The new plan will result in more expensive schooling and a decrease in the quality of education, claims a program official. Other student groups at UQAM may follow suit. They're expected to declare their intentions to join or abstain from the strike movement today.

As corporate love day approaches, let's forget about candy hearts and Hallmark cards for a bit and think about what intimacy really is. The National Post video interviewed 7 people as part of their Love + Sex issue yesterday. See for yourself and give us your take: what is love without sex, and what is sex without love?

Dept. of Unfortunate Headlines: "Bush to sign $152 million stimulus bill Wednesday"

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