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Morning Brew: April 17, 2008

Posted by Sisi / April 17, 2008

Photo: "Chrome Eagle," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler majamonster.

Your morning news roundup for Thursday, April 17th, 2008:

Green groups are demanding an investigation into a toxic spill whose contents might still be lingering in Montreal's port. According to documents obtained by Radio-Canada (badass!), a section of the port and the water table beneath "still show the effects of a 2003 spill that dumped more than one million litres of paraxylene near the Saint-Lawrence river." Paraxylene is used in the production of plastics; it can cause nerve damage if inhaled and be fatal if swallowed. Although some of it has been cleaned up, docks 104 and 105 still have 500,000 liters of paraxylene to recover. The water table below the docks contains 195 times the provincial standard of the petrochemical. According to an environmentalist, an investigation should reveal why efforts to clear the paraxylene were delayed by 8 months.

A recently posted Facebook group stoked fears that a sexual predator was roaming the McGill ghetto, but Montreal police and students dismissed the rumor as false. Here's what the Facebook posting said: "In the last two weeks there have been at least 2 (sic) violent attacks on women in the McGill ghetto. A mentally unstable man around the age of 40 has approached two women. ... He has pulled out a knife and stabbed them repeatedly." Police replied that one woman was robbed and lightly wounded on April 2, and another tried to commit suicide near Milton St. and Park Ave. on April 10. Students are unsure what the truth is anymore, but are convinced that police would've contacted the school had there been a real security threat.

Drama on the Hill: Conservative MPs accused Elections Canada yesterday of leaking the news of an RCMP raid on the Tories' national headquarters to the media. The Mounties were there to execute a search warrant for the commissioner of elections, an independent office within EC. A 3-day warrant that expires today grants the RCMP the right to seize documents and other material in connection with alleged advertising spending violations during the 2006 general election. The Ottawa media learned of the raid as it was happening and went to the Conservative HQ to watch. The Liberals said they were tipped off by the media; party officials were on hand to tape the search. (Scandalous!) Last April, the elections commissioner ruled that the Tories had exceeded advertising spending limits by $1 million.

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