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Morning Brew: May 20, 2008

Posted by Gabby / May 20, 2008

mb052008.jpgPhoto: "So much green!", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler ncbeets.

You news roundup for Tuesday, May 20th 2008:

Hello all. Forgive my lateness, tonsillitis has been giving me a hard time. Now, the Michaud case is snagging most of the headlines lately, as we all know. Francis Proulx, number-one suspect in the ongoing investigation, made a brief appearance in a Rivière-du-Loup this afternoon. According to the Crown attorney, Proulx might be facing some additional charges, although he's already been charged with the most serious offense in the Criminal Code - murder.

After spending nearly $5 millions on the province-wide Bouchard-Taylor commission, the results are in. According to the report, there is nothing wrong wit the Hijab, since most women wear it by choice. "Let's finish with the head scarf, which has caused so much distress in the last few years," the chairmen have written in the report, which also includes remarks on the women's choice to wear a headscarf, and their struggle on the Quebec job market if they chose to do so.

News Bytes:

One more reason to go play outside this summer: research has shown that vitamin D, which is naturally produced through getting some sunshine, can thwart various forms of cancer and multiple sclerosis, and boost your immune system.

According to a BC expert, Taser guns could cause cardiac arrest. No way?

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