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Morning Brew: June 11, 2008

Posted by Michael / June 11, 2008

mb june 11.jpg20080610 2026hrs Couche de Soleil, Montreal, Quebec by John Jantak from the Midnightpoutine Flickr Pool

Your morning news roundup for Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the table and set to start in the near future are some major transit projects. Released yesterday was the city's twenty-year transit plan. We can hope to expect a tramway linking Old Montreal and downtown, an eastward tunneling blue line, more shuttle service and more bike paths. All the above are to be completed in the next five years but are part of this 'twenty year' plan. Hmm, maybe they're just being honest about the projected and actual amount of time anything takes to get done in this city? Or maybe it's just Tremblay trying to look a bit more accomplished before next year's election?

On a side note, the city has unveiled its news bikes for our rent-a-bike services, scheduled to start in the fall - just in time for winter!

We're coming in at 22nd place, not bad considering the contest. Out of 215 cities, Montreal is 22nd for quality of living, behind Vancouver's 4th, Toronto's 15th and Ottawa's 18th. The survey was conducted by Mercer Consulting, and is meant to give business' an idea of what augmentations should be given to employees transferring from city to city. According to the numbers, living in Montreal should be incentive enough, and little or no augmentation is needed. The states only come into the race with Honolulu at 28th and Baghdad made a poor showing in dead last.

Salt is killing us. This year it will kill 17,000 Canadians - that's more Canadians than you can say 'eh buddy' to. Not to shock, but salt is bad for us and as Canucks, we tend to lick in about twice the daily recommended intake of sodium (fancy word for salt). The researchers have declared this 'a national tragedy', and state that if we bring our salt intake down to a decent level then we can cut back on major strokes and heart failure substancially. Problem is, we love salt, so food producers pump it in their products and chefs add more than a dash of it to their recipes. Think twice before going gherkin tonight.

News bytes:

Sun Youth food drive is in need of your donations. Rising food costs has them unable to provide for the less fortunate. They need more food because social assistance can't cover food costs like it used to. (it used to?)

We passed a bill for the 'equal rights of men and women' - one of the Bouchard-Taylor recommendations.

What an awesome storm yesterday, the kind that lets you take a break from the everyday. Check out some vids.

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