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Morning Brew: June 16, 2008

Posted by Michael / June 16, 2008

mb june 16.jpgAbondoned Tape Recorder by steverohde from the Midnightpoutine Flickr Pool

Your morning news roundup for Monday, June 16th 2008:

If there's one thing I hate, it's blue green algea over-indulging on our lakes phosphate induced luciousness! The 10-year, 35-point, $200-million Blue-Green Algae Action Plan has a plan, lil' islands - here and there - to soak up all those slimy nutrients like your pores suck up pizza grease. Even islands with lil' floating trees will filter the water, with dipped roots hoarding in the nutrients before the insatiable green-blue algea can get its fix. I guess we made it dirty, so we have to clean it up... by messing with the ecosystem even more! Downward spiral? I hope not. At least in 2010 phosphates will be dramatically reduced in soaps and detergents, taking care of at least part of the algea cause.

Pedestrians have the sidewalks, cyclists have the paths, cars have the roads and skaters have none of the above. Skaters can't find a patch of pavement on public property to ride from point A to point B without running the risk of getting a fine ranging from 30 to 300 dollars. Why can't they ride on the street? Maybe it's an old mentality not yet updated, but in the last year their has not been one traffic related fatal skateboarding incident in the city, which kinda raises the question: If bikes can, why not boards? "Skater's who ride in the streets, control their boards," says Alex Jarry of Underworld, but police claim that the rules are still about safety , with the board itself not meeting the same type of safety regulations as cars (hmm) and I guess bikes as well (some pretty bad bikes out there). Maybe it's time to lobby for change?

News Bytes:

Health Canada says that cherry red might give her led lips, but fear not, her kisses aren't poisonous.

All that hard work getting them in there, and a suicide car bombs gets at least 1000 insurgents out of jail in Kandahar . "This is a big blow" says a CBC correspondant, with no small pun intended. "We believe we have the situation under control" says the Canadian Forces. Hmm, sounds doubtful.

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