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Morning Brew: July 16, 2008

Posted by Michael / July 16, 2008

mb july 16.jpgPhoto courtesy of fermeta_daily from the Midnightpoutine Flickr Pool.

Your midday news roundup for Wednesday, July 16th 2008:

Premiers of Canada's provinces and territories will meet today in Quebec for a three-day summit. On the menu are talks regarding - believe it or not- the two Es: economy and enivironment. Other topics will arise but these two are the most interesting. Why? Because pretty much everyone is negative nancy about any agreement on climate change, no news there, and every province will be squabbling through their own economical interests, trying to sway some proverbial economic tide. One thing that doesn't seem to sway economic tides well I guess is environmental regulations, still that old song and dance.

Some guy is cooking his dog poo to make it compostable. He seems alright in his little world.

Omar Khadr, the video: It's gunna do little to change opinions, it will just reinforce them according to pollster. But does this deem it 'fair play' politically? I think not.

Asthma has been linked to nutty diets. Before you go all OMG and throw down the big ol' bag of planters in a panic, just listen. Women who eat nuts on a daily basis during pregnancy show a fifty percent greater chance of having a child who succumbs to asthma. This is based on one British study so nothing is concrete and thus no alarm bells are being sounded, but it does point towards findings that link a pregnant mother's diet with the likely-hood of her child developing asthma. I love peanuts, and I'm sure so do some mothers-in-waiting. One doctor has said only cut out the nuts if you have a history of asthma in your family.

We all see it: The drunk, the druggie, the prostitute. Live and let live? Well one-quarter of Montrealers see problem behavior in their neighborhood. Just one quarter? Where are the other three quarters going out? But is it really a problem? Or is it all part of the charm?

He wants to put plants on the moon. Some fruits would go well with all that cheese (awkward lol).

Tackling cholesterol as young as two: Statins. What ever happened to exercise and a steady diet of good stuff?

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