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Morning Brew: August 13, 2008

Posted by Michael / August 13, 2008

mb august 12.jpgPhoto:Caped, courtesy of Coreyu from the Midnightpoutine Flickr Pool.

Your morning news roundup for Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

Quebec police promise a proper, thorough and fair investigation into the events and conditions surrounding Fredy Villanueva's shooting. The investigation is to take between eight and ten weeks and will take into account all people involved and/or witness to the events as well as possible socio-economic factors that led up to the tragedy.

China wanted to give the world the biggest, bestest show its ever seen and well, I guess it broke a couple morals and one little heart to do it. So goes the story of the pre-recorded opening ceremony fireworks and Yang Peiyi: the Ringer Singer. Yang Peiyi had the voice, but not the looks to be on camera singing Ode to the Motherland, so the song was lipsynched. And those fireworks that 'walked' up right into the Bird's Nest? Pre-recorded and digitally mastered.

Twelve more kids have been arrested for mischief last night in Montreal North after they threw rocks at police and civilian vehicles.

In Halifax, one man has a dream and a way of making it a reality. David Boyd is running for mayor on the platform that he will 'sinnify' Halifax. That is, he wants more Casino's and a new strip club downtown. Good luck.

Old people still want sex according to a team of US researchers, it's just that mental and physical ailments or problems get in the way. So the craving remains, this I find creepy, but kind of endearing at the same time.

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