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Morning Brew: September 10, 2008

Posted by Michael / September 10, 2008

20080910_Danger.jpgPhoto:"Danger" by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler greynotgrey.

Your day-beginning brew for Wednesday, September 10th 2008.

Our neighbors down south (what other neighbors do we have?) are sending 4500 perhaps a-bit-too fresh faces into Afghanistan to help us deal with the mission (read:escalating violence). As President Dubya made the announcement, he reminded the American people that Afghanistan was where the war on terror (first war against an abstract noun) originated after the September 11th attack - because they may have forgotten with all those other wars going on.

It's sure to be a bloody one. The battle between the Bloc and the Tories for the hearts of Quebecers went off yesterday with Gilles Duceppe on the charge, guns ablaze saying that the Conservative cabinet is "embroiled in scandals" (juicy scandals). What it boils down to, according to Duceppe, is lies. Harper "lied" when he said he wanted to clean up ethics in parliament (his election platform was it not?). So Duceppe is asking Quebecers: can you trust papa Harper?

The Green Party does not have a spot on the televised debates this election. Three of the four major parties are opposed to Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader's inclusion. Dion had this to say: "I would say that I would like her to be there." So I guess that leaves the other guys. The Greens typically endorse the Liberals by the end of the election, explaining Dion's awkward endorsement. The NDP are perhaps a bit too close to the Greens for comfort (why can't they just get along, oh the divided left!) and Harper, well he just doesn't want to share.

The Brewers Association of Canada has pledged $130 000 now and a total of 1 million dollars over five years to research on fetal alcohol syndrome. Shocking is the fact that close to one per cent of Canadians suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, severely impeding their chances in life. A little research and awareness could go a long way to helping prevent this. Makes me wonder about the effects of pot on an unborn baby?

There's a new class in high school. Mandatory after Grade nine, kids are learning about ethics and religion - side by side, but not one (aka religion) over the other. This has Loyola High School, a private Jesuit Catholic school a wee bit concerned, and they have chosen to vamp the class offering a class on the ethical constitutions taught through Catholicism. This pits them against the prescribed curriculum. The ethics class is designed to teach respect for everyone's self-prescribed beliefs and hopes to help create harmonious living amongst different people in Quebec. Catholics and their rule errrs.

Call it the ultimate historic reproduction of all time; scientists in a vast underground complex are trying to re-enact the big bang. How does this affect us? Some of the less adventurous and more reserved scientific community feel as though this project of crashing protons into each other using magnetic force at light speeds (nerdy hell yeah!) will create the oh so dreaded black hole. Could it happen? Probably not, but if it does happen, see you on the flip side.

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