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Morning Brew: September 11, 2008

Posted by Gabby / September 11, 2008

mb091108.jpgPhoto: "Studio-18", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler fermata.daily.

Fresh brewed news for Thursday, September 11 2008:

Not to point out the obvious here, but today is 9/11. US Presidency candidates Barack Obama and John McCain have taken a breather from the campaign to remember what happened seven years ago today.

A Montreal priest accused of sexual aggression on an 8-year old little girl was awarded a $20,000 scholarship to study canonical law at St-Paul's university in Ottawa. After the controversy fired up, abbé Philippe de Maupeou was sentenced to 6 months in jail. He wasn't fired, and the diocese's reaction? Give him money and send him back to school.

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League president Gilles Coutineau has announced that the league won't ban outright fighting for this season, but will enforce the 31 recommendations made by a committee studying violence in hockey last spring.

A service road under the Turcot junction was closed yesterday, because a large chunk of concrete fell of the highway structure.

Listeria watch: on top of everything else, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has emitted a warning that certain kinds of cooked ham, like Merit Selection Delicatessen Cooked Extra Lean Ham might also contain a strain of the listeria bacterium. Metro's brand of ham was recalled voluntarily.

Elections watch: with new polls from Ekos giving Conservatives 37% of voting intentions, c'est dans la poche for Harper's majority government. Ekos has predicted the Tories will win 156 seats when only 155 are needed.

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