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Morning Brew: September 16, 2008

Posted by Gabby / September 16, 2008

mb091608.jpgPhoto: "anthropomorphisation", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler greynotgrey.

Freshly brewed news for Tuesday, September 16 2008:

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Canadian agency in charge of the Champlain bridge says it's just fine. According to a 2007 study by Oxand, some support beams are in "very critical condition".

Canadian paralympic champion Chantal Petitclerc ended her last Paralympics games with a fifth gold medal. Petitclerc has won 21 medals through five Paralympics, including 14 gold, five silver and two bronze.

According to a study, the average car has about 283 different types of bacteria per square centimeter. Microbiologists from Britain's Aston University found the dirtiest part of the vehicle was the gear shift, home to 356 germs on a square centimetre. Gross.

If the wind woke you up two nights ago, that was because of Ike. If you got stuck in the metro in the past two days, that was also because of Ike. Or maybe it wasn't. The MTC's official story is, it wasn't the hurricane, it was the humidity.

After a listeria epidemic in Canada, China is now facing a contaminated milk crisis. Thousands of infants might have ingested melamine-infused milk, and some have already been treated for various ailments related to intoxication, like kidney stones. FYI, melamine is used to make glue, dry erase boards, flame retardant and fertilizer.

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