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Morning Brew: September 8, 2008

Posted by Michael / September 8, 2008

20080910_Artistcherchamour.jpgPhoto: Artiste Cherche Amour by Your New Buddy from the Midnight Poutine Flickr Pool.

Your morning news roundup for Monday, September 8, 2008

Anyone gearing to vote in the Montreal bi-elections today can wait till October 14th to vote - with the ROC. Elections are on the way and although Harper is playing down his chances for a majority (you sly fox you), the possibility of a Tory majority could be decided here in Quebec. We are Harper's final frontier, so it comes as no surprise that Quebec City was his first stop on his election campaign.

How sly is Harper? Well, he broke his own promise to uphold fixed elections, and in doing so called an election race when the wind is clearly in his sails. And he also went on a publicity attack last week, pegging himself on television as the 'warm father' type (these adds btw, don't fall under any election advertising caps, seeing as the election wasn't called yet - so it was a freebie start for Harper).

An election gets called, and Pauline Marois goes to the hospital for a stomach infection. Is the spirit of separatism in danger? A premonition maybe?

Cheese has killed someone poutine lovers. Quebec has reported its first listeriosis death concerning the recall of certain Lac-St.Jean cheeses.

The Gazette has changed its format (notably size) to deal with escalating printing and distribution costs. So the only English daily in Montreal just got a bit meeker. A premonition indeed - the New York Times has done the same sort of thing.

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