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Morning Brew: September 9, 2008

Posted by Gabby / September 9, 2008

mb090908.jpgPhoto: "our morbid curiousity" by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler chuck.bergeron.

Fresh brewed news for Tuesday, September 9th 2008:

It has been discovered that one of Stephen Harper's minions, St-Hubert-St-Bruno Tory rep Nicole Charbonneau, is a member of Opus Dei. The ultra-conservative catholic organization, which has often been referred to as a sect, has about 600 members across Canada. Ironic? I think so. Irrelevant? It's elections time.

Speaking of which, Liberal leader Stéphane Dion made a lot of noise yesterday when he visited the Dawson campus. He then proceeded to tear Tories a new one for not taking action on gun control even after the September 13, 2006 tragedy. He also made an election pledge to ban the kind of military assault rifle that was used by Kimveer Gill, the one who killed Anastasia DeSousa and injured 16 more people.

Canadian Tire has sold 11 of its stores across Canada, for a grand total of over $164M. The stores were sold to two Canadian real estate trust funds, and while the stores will still be run by Canadian Tire, the company will rent facilities and pay rent to the two companies.

Montreal-born blogger Allan Wills has found a wife, no question mark. The online dating experiment (which is not like the Luke Johnson phone expirement) on his website, "Are You My Wife?" was put to an end when Wills popped the question to his girlfriend on picturesque Mont-Royal just shy of the deadline.

Sticking to the same theme here, the new CHUM will have only half the psychatric services the actual CHUM has now (relationships, mental health, haha, get it?). In the new CHUM, the number of psychiatrists will go from 42 to about 20, and the number of beds for long- and short-staying patients will go from 50 to 28.

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