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Morning Brew: October 14, 2008

Posted by Gabby / October 14, 2008

mb101408.jpgPhoto: "Election Day", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler holyirishman.

Fresh brewed news for Tuesday, October 14 2008:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true. Today is elections day. And just like every other time, it's messy. At this time, pollsters can't even tell the outcome of the vote. One thing's for sure: neither Liberals nor Conservatives can hope for a majority government. And if the Tories win again, Stephen Harper will have spent 300 million Canadian dollars to prove his point. How clever.

Most polling stations have been opened since 9:30 this morning, and millions of Canadians have already made their way there to elect their deputy. Let your voice be heard. Vote.

The TSX, which was closed yesterday for Thanksgiving, surged a spectacular 1,600 points since opening. That is a leap of almost 17%.

Fashion Week started yesterday, but the era of sickly-thin models is coming to an end. Christine St-Pierre, the provincial minister responsible for the status of women is starting to map out a charter that will, hopefully, team up with fashion big names to change views on super-skinny models. By doing this, she hopes to curb anorexia in young women.

And now for the kicker: a man died in a cemetery yesterday after a tombstone fell on him.

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