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Morning Brew: March 12, 2009

Posted by Gabby / March 12, 2009

mb031209.jpgPhoto: "Any excuse", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler ncbeets.

Fresh brewed news for Thursday, March 12 2009:

Montreal boroughs will have to slash through their budgets to try and curb the $155 million deficit that is threatening our fair city. It is not the first time budgets get a cut this year, as the STM also had to cut $40 million from its budget this year.

The RCMP is currently taking down an alleged network trafficking illegal narcotics and tobacco. They are hoping to arrest 22 people during the operation, dubbed Operation Château.

A Quebec woman has no legal rights to the child she paid a surrogate to carry for her. After years of trying to get pregnant, the couple found a surrogate on the Internet and paid her $20,000 to carry their child. When they went to court to adopt the baby, they were told only the man had legal claim.

Rescue teams are still looking for 16 of the 18 passengers of a Cougar helicopter that crashed into the Atlantic ocean, southeast of St. John's NF.

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