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Morning Brew: March 13, 2009

Posted by Margot / March 13, 2009

Fresh brewed news for Friday, March 13, 2009

Falling mid-next week, St. Patrick's Day might be putting some people in holiday limbo: do I celebrate now? later? Why not both? If you can't wait for the city of Montreal's rowdy festivities on the 22nd, the annual Châteauguay St. Patrick's Day Parade is this Sunday, for people who are Irish year-round or just for the day. And surprise, surprise: Paddy green is the "colour of the day!"

Move over stem cell legislation: hometown hero John Brownstein has revolutionized the medical world anew, creating an online disease database. In bringing together data sources from around the world, HealthMap provides doctors and public health officials valuable information about infectious disease trends.

Put aside your superstitions for a day, and let's embrace the fact that 2009 is giving us three (that's right, 3!) Friday the 13ths this year. If you missed it a month ago, today's your day: spill some salt, pass a black cat, open your umbrella inside. Hell, the last triskaidekaphobe's nightmare was so recent, you can still catch the new Friday the 13th movie in theatres.

And lastly, are you feeling crafty? Because this Criss-Cross'll make you jump (jump). This isn't your grandma's crocheted tea cozy or your old uncle's ship-in-a-bottle (though how did he do that?) Tomorrow is your last day to see the work of 20 emerging fine crafts artists from Quebec, Ontario, and Newfoundland at the Canadian Guild of Crafts on Sherbrooke Street West.

Photo by Flickr user jpmpinflux

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