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Morning Brew: June 12, 2009

Posted by Margot / June 12, 2009

fresh market tomatoesFresh brewed news for Friday, June 12, 2009

With the solstice days away, juicy tomatoes like these will be a dime a dozen (though 2.50 isn't a bad deal). Aside from the big four (Jean-Talon, Atwater, Maisonneuve, Lachine), our city is rife with outdoor markets, and Marchés Publics wants Montrealers to be able to access fresh produce in their own neighbourhood.

Even though the hockey season is over for most Habs fans, they're still making news: three Molson brothers have made a bid to buy the Canadiens from George Gillett, current owner of the Bell Centre and most of the hometown hockey franchise. I guess in these hard economic times (cue unison groan/eye-roll) some people can still muster up several million dollars.

With one of the highest levels of bicycle ownership in North America, it's safe to say that Montrealers aren't joking about their bikes (and I won't even mention the zeal with which Bixi has been received - wait, does that count as a mention?) Some cyclists, however, aren't going to put up with any more crap. While a swift whack to the side of a car can do the trick, this guy got himself a bike bell that sounds like a 18-wheeler horn.

I'm sure Midnight Poutine isn't the first place you've heard that the World Health Organization (who?) has declared that the H1N1 virus has reached pandemic level. But thankfully, some people with good sense, like local doctor Timothy Brewer, are making sure that the news is met with level-headedness and a minimal amount of fear-mongering. The designation of "pandemic" has nothing to do with the virus' severity, but rather how widespread the outbreak is. It's really an indication to governments and health to get moving on the pandemic plans they've been making for over a decade. So keep on washing those hands, stay at home if you're sick, but don't lose sleep.

And with so much going on in town this weekend (Suoni, Fringe, fireworks, etc.), your radar might not have picked up on the Eureka Festival, a celebration of science and technology at the old port. Check out the different events they're presenting, like a workshop on star charts and sundials, or the Scientific Improv Games - sounds dorky, totally isn't.

Thanks to Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler majamonster for the photo.

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