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Morning Brew: September 10, 2009

Posted by Gabby / September 10, 2009

mb_091009.jpgFreshly brewed news for Thursday, September 10 2009

Premier Jean Charest will not apologize for "politicizing" the Moulin à Paroles, an event meant to remember the history of francophones in Canada. The much-debated event would feature the reading of the 1970 FLQ (Front de Libération du Québec) manifesto, and some people just won't have it. As a result, the readings were denied a $220,000 provincial subsidy. "People can judge for themselves," Charest said as he rejected Bloc Québécois chief Gilles Duceppe's suggestion he was practising censorship.

Less than two months before the municipal elections, another scandal puts the City of Montreal administration in a pickle. Gilles Parent, a former city supervisor, and Benoît Bissonnette, a computer consultant, were arrested yesterday in connection to the alleged $10 million fraud at the City's Division du service informatique. They were charged with conspiracy, fraud, breach of trust, forgery and issuing forged documents.

Happy commuters might not stay happy for a very long time. The STM is planning on increasing the price for monthly CAMs by 2 or 3% in 2010(a $1.35 to $2.05 increase). As a result, the monthly metro card might reach $70 for the first time in history. Tariff increases usually go hand in hand with CPI increases, but since ours is averaged at -0.50%, the logical price change would be... $0.34 cheaper.

Quebec's Labour Minister, David Whissell has resigned from cabinet due to controversy over his stake in a construction firm. Whissell is the co-owner of ABC Rive-Nord, a company that has won about $800,000 in government contracts, including a $564,000 contract for paving in Whissell's riding of Argenteuil.

Photo: "Sept 2009", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler BeeSmile.

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