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CJAM Launch Party - November 27 - Cagibi

Posted by Stefan / November 24, 2009

20091125cjam.jpg Attention all artists, writers, dancers, poets, painters, and anyone with a claim on creative talent. CJAM (clinique juridique des artistes de Montréal/ Montreal Artists' Legal Clinic) is getting ready for its much anticipated launch. On Friday, November 27th Cagibi will host CJAM's launch party. Doors open at 6:30 pm. The event will feature performances by Patrick Pleau (from Plajia), Chasing Bright Lights, Athena Holmes and musicfirm, as well as video appearances by Sara Johnston of Bran Van 3000, Kaveh Nabatian of Belle Orchestre; film makers, including Shannon Walsh - H2Oil; visual artists, including Omen and Carlos Sanchez; and authors, including Esther Bourdages and Oana Avasilichioael. Tickets are only $7, and proceeds will go to covering the clinic's costs.

CJAM will offer user-driven legal content for artists of all stripes throughout the community. The service, free of charge for everyone, is staffed by an impressive troupe of law students and other volunteers. Working in French as well as English, CJAM's team will help clients navigate the increasingly complex environment artists face as they try to make a living from their respective crafts. As more artists consult CJAM, the clinic's database will grow. As co-director Keith Serry explains it, the premise is simple: It's safe to assume that whatever legal questions you run into as an artist have been asked by someone before you. CJAM will take those questions and turn them into exemplars for the benefit of the entire community.

It is difficult to overstate the clinic's potential to make artists' lives easier. While it is not a free lawyer service (i.e., the volunteers will provide information and guidance, not representation in court, etc.), CJAM promises to be invaluable for thousands of people looking for relevant and otherwise inaccessible legal information. From the everyday to the unexpected, CJAM exists to help artists avoid preventable hardships. Of course, unconscionable contracts, Byzantine licensing agreements, and countless other unpleasant legal intrusions will continue to exist. But as of November 27th, artists won't face them alone.

For more information, contact CJAM at:
Or, visit their website at

CJAM Launch Party
5490 St. Laurent (at St. Viateur)
Friday November 27th

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