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Morning Brew: January 26, 2010

Posted by Gabby / January 26, 2010

mb012610.jpgFresh brewed news for Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Montreal's blue-collar workers are going on strike - but not any strike. The workers, whose contract expired in 2007, launched a rotary strike yesterday, and it should last for another 38 days. They refuse to collect garbage and less than 9 cm of snow, putting a halt on road repairs and forcing the closure of some sports facilities. According to city counselors, the blue-collars' union has been "unflexible and unwilling to move," the union asking for a 10% salary increase over 4 years and for the city to cut back on subcontracting to private firms.

Yesterday's torrential rains caused a bit of a mudslide situation in N.D.G. Snow and mud came rolling downhill on St-Jacques St. W., which had to be closed to traffic during rush hour. If you enjoyed the rain, just wait 'till it freezes over...

Not too long ago, a Montreal citizen took the STM to court for constantly late buses. The STM gave in and paid the man $28 in cab fees, $100 in court fees, as well as an extra $21 cab fare reimbursement a few months later.

One of the city's landmarks, the Ogilvy building, might be sold to Dix30 backers Le Groupe Devimco in the near future. The building, which is currently owned by Toronto property developer David Jubb, was built in 1866, and is located at the corner of St. Catherine and de la Montagne streets. According to Ogilvy's president, it is not yet a "done deal".

Photo: "untitled", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler ncbeets.

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