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Morning Brew: March 9, 2010

Posted by Gabby / March 9, 2010

Fresh brewed news for Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The STM has officially shafted Chinese firm Zhuzhou's bid to build new cars for the Metro system. Zhuzhou wanted to use steel wheels instead of the usual rubber tires, in order to save up to $1.5 billions, almost half of the total value of the contract, but the STM has so far rejected the idea.

After 40 days of rotating strikes, the Montreal Blue-collar workers have started thinking about new ways to make their voice heard . Starting next week, the workers will refuse to work overtime and to replace foremen on the job.This pressure tactic will, however, be suspended in the event of a major snowstorm or problems with the water pipes.

Thanks to the mild winter we've had, the city has been able to save massive amounts of money on services. For example, because the Tremblay administration has spent over $600 million over the past four years on road maintenance, but also because we've been spared the freeze-thaw-refreeze routine, it has spent $7 million less than last year on pothole control. Should the city remain blizzard-free, it will have saved up to $30 million of its snow-clearing budget.

Photo: "29th floor", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler ncbeets.



Michael Black / March 19, 2010 at 01:43 pm
Instead of cannibalizing old media, why not actually generate some stories that aren't likely to get press, at least ahead of time?

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is on Tuesday March 23rd, earlier than usual. Runs from about noon to 8pm. I'm not sure the state of the outlets this year, the Monkland one closed sometime during the winter, and maybe the Old Port outlet won't be open yet. It always seems like the lineups are longer the colder it is, but that may reflect more students being in town when its early. it doesn't look too warm for Tuesday.

The English Regional Science Fair
<a href="";></a> takes place at Concordia Sunday March 21 through 23, this is the winners from school science fairs going to the next level. They don't always get coverage, and they sure don't get early coverage. Apparently this may be the last, after 28 years, unless new blood will get involved in the organizing. Public viewing is on Sunday from 2pm to 5pm and Monday from 1:30pm to 4pm. Trying to uncover information from the website, it really doesn't address the public, the locations are apparently the atrium at 1515 Sainte-Catherine West and the atrium of 1450 Guy Street.

The Concordia Dance program has its end of year show at Moyse Hall on April 15th to 18th, details at <a href="";></a>. There
is also an informal show coming up on Friday March 26th, and the first year students had a show last week. None of this gets coverage, despite the fact that it's part of the continuum of dance in Montreal. Dancers don't suddenly appear at the Big Companies, they work their way up.

With the end of term coming up at the universities, that means soon good garbage will be appearing. Lots of furniture, but all kinds of other things get tossed out. Since there's a high density of students around McGill that usually is a prime place to look. Of course, with spring almost upon us, the spring rummage sales are starting up, followed soon by garage sales. The leadup to July 1st moving deay often causes interesting things to be tossed out too.

The Tibetans went to Ottawa on March 10th for their annual demonstration to mark the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising, they virtually never get coverage ahead of time (despite offering free buses to Ottawa) and rarely get coverage after the fact.

I thought there were a few other things coming up of note, but the point is that there are lots of things that don't get into old media, and so long as old media is seen as the "source of news" the internet is no alternative.


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