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Nightcap: June 16, 2010

Posted by Erin / June 16, 2010

'Tis the season of drug and tobacco raids. Police in Montreal and Longueuil conducted two separate raids today of 52 locales storing/selling illegal cigarillos and 15 storing marijuana plants, cash, and hydraulic equipment. The two raids follow on the heals of a June 3 blitz on five of Montreal's compassion clubs (and the subequenet arrest of 35 or so people, according to the CBC).

It's yet to be revealed why the cigarillos were illegal, but a safe guess is that they were smuggled over the border. I think the bigger news is probably raids on pot related venues, given that Canada smokes four times the world average. Weed is legal here for medical reasons. Back in the mid 2000's there was Montreal Gazette"> talk of decriminalization . It never happened, but it seems a lot of people and even cops have started operating as though it did.

Compassion clubs have been a relatively easy way to get weed; at a lot of them you just needed a doctor's note describing your condition, not a prescription per se. However, some investigative reporting by Radio Canada seemed to show that even this was "too easy." I guess the cops caught on too.

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