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Look at exclusive panorama photos of Montreal bands playing SXSW 2013

Posted by Greg / March 30, 2013

20130330-6th by day.JPGThere are music festivals, and then there's South by Southwest: one week per year where every band in the universe descends upon Austin, TX to play their hearts out, eat some tacos, and hopefully get a record deal. It's a pretty magical event that defies easy description, but thankfully Nick Schofield of the band Saxsyndrum and host of CKUT's Underground Sounds snapped some beautiful panoramas and passed them along to Midnight Poutine. This year he traveled to Austin playing drums for Folly and the Hunter. With Hemingway-like precision, he reported, "It was my first time to the fest and my body never ached so much after the gigs, gear hauling, and sun stroke - five days can really eff you up. Best show: Suuns at R7. Best bite: tacos at Gueros patio."

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Watch Honheehonhee's new music video for "Archipelagos"

Posted by Greg / March 18, 2013

20130318-Hohnheehonhee.jpgHonheehonhee's video release was set for Friday at L'Esco but the power went out just as they took the stage. Thanks to the magic of the internet, the video was saved, and you can see it right here. Enjoy!

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Mark Bittman in Montreal

Posted by Bryan / March 10, 2013

Bittmanbook.jpg Mark Bittman has risen to culinary fame thanks to his no-nonsense approach to cooking along with his emphasis on whole foods and conscious eating. He'll be in Montreal on March 19th discussing obesity with Concordia University's Jennifer McGrath. (Details after the jump).

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News Flash launch show this Tuesday! Read an interview with founder Ryan Frizzell

Posted by Theo / March 9, 2013 is a new Montreal-based website that compiles the details of numerous Canadian music venues and presents them alongside user ratings and reviews, all in an effort to make touring in Canada easier for musicians. Recently, Midnight Poutine talked to site creator, Ryan Frizzell, about StageBanter and the website's Tuesday, March 12th launch party at Sala Rossa.

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Rock out in the "dead season" with the Under the Snow festival, March 7 - 10

Posted by Greg / March 6, 2013

20130306-UnderTheSnow.jpgIt might seem like Montreal has more than enough music festivals, but there's something perfectly curated and impeccably timed about Under the Snow. With artists like Hayden, Nina Nielsen, Andres Parker, Echoes from Jupiter, Dam Ships, Bright Road, and more, this four-day festival in "la saison morte" brings enough shows for attendees to immerse themselves in new, emerging music without getting lost or overwhelmed. Read up on the full program here and listen to us discuss specific shows when this week's Weekend Playlist drops here.
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How was your Nuit Blanche?

Posted by Greg / March 2, 2013

20130302-NuitBlanche.JPGTweet at us with your photos, experiences, and stories, and watch for our own photo essay soon. Let's make Sunday night and Monday morning a little more interesting.

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