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Collective Speak :OFDT

Posted by Stacy / December 19, 2013

OFDT Collective co-founders Marc-Antoine Clement and Jean-Paul Pahn are both the particular type of young creative whom has at once perfected their craft to perfection, maintained a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the artists they interact with and possess the ability to bring to life aesthetic conceptions that are artfully suited for their spatial context.

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See The Guardians of the Cross this weekend only at Theatre St. Catherine

Posted by David / December 19, 2013


Upon first walking into Theatre
Ste-Catherine, Alain Mercieca, Artistic Director of Le Nouveau
International and all around main TSC man, was on the phone. He was
going on about monologues rewritten and ad hoc rehearsal times. After
hanging up, he took a few minutes to explain to one of his people
that he'd be "running the lights," and what that entails. He
then spent a few more minutes with a Nouveau members discussing what
kind of music they want for a scene or two--Mingus and the Hymn of
the 183rd Brigadier (your guess is as good as mine) were

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Ask Hua Li #3: Of Leashes and Stimulation

Posted by Hua_Li / December 19, 2013

HuaLiHua Li is Midnight Poutine's sex writer. Ask her an anonymous question in the box at the bottom of this post and she'll answer it in this column, appearing every other Hump Day (aka, Wednesday).

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Food, City

Winter Warmer IV

Posted by Bryan / December 17, 2013

Winter Warmer is an extravagant event and not a beer party for the weak. You won't find a Molson booth here. In fact, you won't find a craft beer below 8% alc./vol. Winter Warmer will do what the name implies and you'll leave with flush, rosy cheeks.

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Watch the masterful short film "Next Floor" online via the Phi Centre website

Posted by David / December 16, 2013

Next FloorIt's no surprise, even just a few reviews in, that I'm a Phi Centre fan. Simple reason being: I've seen a bunch of stuff there that I would never have seen in Montreal otherwise. It's the movie nerd in me's little art-house, these days--and most often our only real limited-release option in town--so it's hard not to gush (though you'll note I didn't think much of Spike Lee's Oldboy, though I was happy they held an advanced screening).

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The Great Not-So-South: Dixie by William S. Messier

Posted by Caitlin / December 15, 2013

dixie.jpgDixie, William S. Messier's third novel published by Marchand de feuilles, is at once hard to read and completely engrossing. Messier moves between gory descriptions of decaying dead animals and the tragic melancholy of the ghosts that haunt the isolated land of the author's childhood: the Eastern Townships. As this also being where I grew up, I can say that the juxtaposition of poetics and grit the author constructs creates a surreal yet surprisingly resonant portrait of the area.

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