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Toronto's Mad Ones talk guitar amps, bass players, and NBA Jam

Posted by Greg / December 11, 2013

Mad OnesToronto's Mad Ones are not your average guitar/drums duo. They have no schtick going on like The White Stripes and hit way harder than Japandroids. Instead, Phil Wilson (drums) and Andrew DeVillers (vocals, guitar) user their instrumentation and best-buds dynamic to throw down pop-meets-hardcore riffs that recall the small, sweaty basement shows of punk past. They're also damn loud: DeVillers rounds out his guitar tone by playing through multiple amps at the same time, while Wilson pounds the hell out of his drums to propel things forward. Their debut album, Behaviour, and followup EP, Burning Window, offer one blistering and fun song after another, like the soundtrack for the best rowdy party ever.

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Marche Smart Design Mart Review

Posted by Suzanne D. / December 8, 2013

There was a great curated showcase of local talent this past weekend, where you were able to buy Christmas and Chanukah gifts for yourself, friends and family. Marche Smart Design Mart offered up a smogasbord of artist and designer goods for sale. From household furniture to beauty products, clothes, knicknacks, art and food, people shopped to the beat of their favorite music and a live art installation.

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Crafty Holidays: Cookie Jar Gifts

Posted by Katherine / December 7, 2013


Christmas lights are on, festive music is playing everywhere and coffee shops are serving seasonal drinks. It's that time again! Save yourself the hassle of shopping and screw capitalism! Here's a simple gift idea you can prepare yourself.

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"A Nasty NoŽl" with Bobby Slayton at The Wiggle Room

Posted by Bryan / December 6, 2013

The "pitbull of comedy" is back with a holiday-themed show that will frighten the elderly, send small children running and would mortify your parents. We caught an early performance, here's what we thought.

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Film Review: The New Oldboy, "A Spike Lee Film"

Posted by David / December 6, 2013

oldboySitting through an advanced screening of Spike Lee's Oldboy at the much beloved Phi Centre with my friend Laura, I'll admit I wondered what all the fuss was about when the guy behind us rushed out with a snappy, sotto voce "f****** American b*******." True, by that time, my eyes were a little achy from rolling, and I was living right on the edge of boredom. I was also convincing myself I relished Josh Brolin's caveman-esque relationship with the Internet and his iPhone, and trying like hell to ignore all the little plot holes and continuity issues. It was bad, but, still, I wondered what the guy had expected--and from the director who brought us She Hate Me, no less--or if he was a glutton for disappointment, that most guilty of cult-fandom pleasures.

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Weekend Playlist Podcast

The Midnight Poutine Podcast - Dec. 5-12, 2013

Posted by Greg / December 6, 2013

Smiley faceWe're entering the final stretch of 2013 but not letting up one bit. This week, we say goodbye to Montreal scene fixtures Sweet Mother Logic. We also talk about the beautiful sounds of Erik Lind & The Orchard, Emma Frank, Lindi Ortega, and Sean Nicholas Savage, then get rowdy with Hiroshima Shadows and Canadian grindcore legends Fuck the Facts. As always, it's a mixed bag -- the delicious kind.

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