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Fringe Festival Part 5 - 3 Plays, One Night

Posted by Sarah / June 21, 2008

13th HourI must be a mad person, because after having already seen seven plays since the beginning of the Fringe Festival (all the while juggling my full-time job) I actually went out to see three more plays last night. First, I set out to check out Barry Smith's Baby Book: A Grown Up Comedy About Stuff over a the Geordie Space.

After having checked out his play Jesus In Montana last year (and enjoying it mildly), I wasn't exactly sure I was going to love this one. Turns out it was pretty fun. I've always been somewhat of a memory keeper, but this guy has serious OCD behavior when it comes to holding on to keepsakes. While it was more like a good stand up comedy supported by a great slide show than an actual play, it was a pretty insightful presentation and I laughed a lot. Smith is funny and has a lovely way of looking at life and being able to laugh at himself. I strongly recommend this one.

After quickly fueling up with some food, I headed down to the Mainline Theater to meet fellow writer Paloma and see A Leave of Absynth. I'll leave the actual reviewing to her, but I will say that the play would've been a lot more enjoyable if we were all high on Absynth as well.

After taking a short break, I actually managed to stay up long enough to finally see The 13th Hour. This free show is a special even that has been taking place all week for those of us who are still awake at 1AM. Apparently this show is different every night. It's sort of like a talk-show featuring a bunch of Fringe actors in a free-for-all style, presenting a variety of skits. Last night, there was a zombie theme to the show, because the death of the fringe is upon us (it's almost over for this year). The show started off with a lesbian-flavored zombie-burlesque act. It was strange but great. Then followed a bunch of great acts with skits and music by the cast of Die Roten Punkte. There was also some wheel spinning and a Thriller dance class. Between yawns (out of tiredness and nothing else), I managed to laugh some more. The room was completely full and the crowd was very into it, though sometimes their loudness interfered with the actual things that were being said on stage. If you haven't seen this show yet, you can catch the last one tonight at 1AM, at Studio Juste Pour Rire.

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