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Beyond The Hook: The Bitter End

Posted by Luc / October 7, 2010

20101007-mmpixbitterendimprovfest.jpg Beyond the Hook is a series of Question & Answers with theatrical artists from Montreal or gracing our fair city with their presence. All questions are meticulously concocted by the Midnight Poutine team to truly reveal the subject's true character and desires.

Here's the deal with The Bitter End: the upcoming show this week in the Montreal Improv Fest is taking the place of our monthly show called The Bitter End Presents. Every month we mount a new genre in which to improvise an entire film. So Totally Warped! is just one of many both before now and to come in the future. It's a unique experience in long-form improv, from the people behind the web series of the same name at

I recently had a chance to sit down via Gmail with Dan from The Bitter End to ask him some in-depth about life, love, and the tribulations of living in Montreal:

What is the best Canadian theater act you have ever seen?
A: SideMart Theatrical Grocery put on an incredible show as the Whitman's Whiskey Comedy Revue. And if we can open up the jurisdiction to America as well, Cody Rivers and Improvised Shakespeare Co. do amazing work

Besides family, friends, other artists, and Mr Mistoffolees, what influenced you to get involved in Theater?
A: Besides all that stuff? Like were we forced into it? Yes. I mean, no.
In terms of The Bitter End, we were all already doing improv independently of each other, and then once we started improvising together the route was obvious -- perform and practice together as much as possible.

What do you love most about Montreal?
A: I think there's a by-law that you have to answer "The Big Cross" to this question when asked. But as long as this site isn't too heavily monitored I'm going to say the attitude of the people, the great green spaces, and the best bagels The Big Cross. <---can you put a strikeout line where the tags are? thx!

If there's any person out there that should hail from Montreal but actually doesn't, who is it?
A: This is a strange question, but I'm going to say Michael Jordan. 'cause then that angel statue on the mountain would be Michael Jordan instead. He'd be doing a wicked dunk.

What set of emotions do you go through after eating Poutine?

A: is 'cramps' an emotion?

If you had to be part of any historical event, which would you choose and who would you be?
A: The first one. The first historical event. And I'd be...I guess I would be.. everything.

What is the dumbest thing you could buy with a million dollars?
A: A snickers bar. Because you got WAY over-charged, my friend.

If you live to be 150 years old, how will you spend your birthday?
A: you know, check my email, have some toast and grapefruit juice, play some online tetris. Do a couple dishes, stream the new Simpsons episode, and use another of the hundred thousand wishes I wished for.

What did you do this morning? Why did you do that?
A: This morning I slept. I would die otherwise.

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