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Pop Montreal 2006

Picture Pop

Posted by Nika / October 12, 2006

Just when you thought you could escape the past, that the antics you performed last week at Pop Montreal would be forgotten, replaced with your calmer, more decent present reality. You thought it was over.

Well, thanks to Nightlife Magazine photographers photos MĂ©liza Ash & Guillaume Pelletier, you'll never forget and neither will anyone else.

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Pop Montreal 2006

Pop till you drop: Pop Mtl. recap

Posted by John / October 11, 2006

Pop Montreal 2006

SĂ?RIE POPPĂ?E â?? L'Ć?il du cyclone

Posted by Evelyne / October 11, 2006


Le trou noir des derniers jours nâ??a pu ĂȘtre dissipĂ© que par des vortex musicaux encore plus forts le soir. Lâ??esprit obsĂ©dĂ© par les principes de formation et de dĂ©pense dâ??Ă©nergie, avec dĂ©pit rĂ©signĂ©, il a fallu mener un combat de tous les instants. Juste pour voir.

Je ne vous ennuierai pas trop, jâ??espĂšre, avec mes lieux de fatigue communs, mais tout en me dirigeant dĂšs jeudi vers un destin de plaies de lit, je ne croyais pas ĂȘtre aussi faible. Ou aussi forte?

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Pop Montreal 2006

Giving Thanks to the Creative Soul

Posted by Robyn / October 10, 2006

Puces Pop Arts & Crafts Fair
Sat, Oct 7 and Sun Oct 8/06

at right: my pop bounty (excl. presents)
- some photos of the actual event on indyish.

CUTENESS. CREATIVITY. Everywhere. I went to Puces Pop on both Saturday and Sunday on this Thanksgiving wkend, that's how much I loved it. I even loved the building it was in: the armoury on Esplanade, expansive, filled with hidden rooms, one of which was full of dark wood accents and leather couches, and it's right across from Jeanne Mance Park, where on Sunday football and softball games were going on in the sunshine and for once the constant beating of drums across Parc Ave didn't bother me.

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Music, Pop Montreal 2006

Never Say No to More Guitars - Ships at Night Showcase

Posted by Robyn / October 10, 2006

The Field Register, Plants and Animals, David MacLeod, Harmony Trowbridge
Casa del Popolo - Sat, Oct 7/06
I'm so into music lately that I feel like I'm going to die if I don't get my own acoustic guitar for home use within the next week. I don't even play guitar! But I've tried it and want to, I really really want to. The performances at Saturday night's Ships at Night label showcase only intensified my desire.

Yes, I found myself at Casa again. A different kind of music from Friday night, but also a different kind of good.

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Pop Montreal 2006

Regina Spektor & Only Son at Le National

Posted by Scott / October 9, 2006

The finest solo artists Iâ??ve seen live, or rather, the finest solo performances Iâ??ve seen, share a common trait. Whether Elliott Smith, Howe Gelb, Andrew Bird, or a handful of other truly mind blowing solo sets Iâ??ve been fortunate enough to see over the years, each artist has, in their own way, displayed the ability to completely control the room.

So too with Regina Spektor.

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