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Pop Montreal 2006

ArtPOP: Satellite of Love

Posted by Christy / October 2, 2006

This photo is the promotional art from Art Pop's Satellite of Love art show, which opened Monday night. It is not a photo of the actual art on display for the very good reason that, should I have presented such a picture, you would have no idea what you were looking at. However, this picture, as you can clearly see, is about teeth.

What follows is the promotional blurb from Art Pop's Satellite of Love art show. All I can say is, if you're still interested after reading the blurb, you'll probably love the show. But, if for some reason you aren't impressed, stay as far away as you possibly can.

Six artists – David Lafrance, Jessie Kotler, Blake Hargreaves, Shawn Kuruneru, Margaret Haines, and Patrick Dyer – examine pop music culture through its somatic grounding in the objects of its packaging. Through diverse aesthetic and conceptual vocabularies, each derives inspiration in some way from the rock show, celebrity cult, album covers, as well as the substance of music itself as one of our most elusive art forms. The relationship between packaging aesthetic and musical product provokes a variety of responses from the formation of subcultural identities, to glamourized posturing, to fetishistic worship. Working across a variety of media, the artists will mediate the ephemeral side of a community and its individuals; a body-network visible through a subcultural flesh, expanding almost infinitely through the distribution of its recordings and merchandising.
Satellite of Love is showing at Masai, 5637 Parc Ave., October 2nd-5th.

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