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Pop Montreal 2006

Giving Thanks to the Creative Soul

Posted by Robyn / October 10, 2006

Puces Pop Arts & Crafts Fair
Sat, Oct 7 and Sun Oct 8/06

at right: my pop bounty (excl. presents)
- some photos of the actual event on indyish.

CUTENESS. CREATIVITY. Everywhere. I went to Puces Pop on both Saturday and Sunday on this Thanksgiving wkend, that's how much I loved it. I even loved the building it was in: the armoury on Esplanade, expansive, filled with hidden rooms, one of which was full of dark wood accents and leather couches, and it's right across from Jeanne Mance Park, where on Sunday football and softball games were going on in the sunshine and for once the constant beating of drums across Parc Ave didn't bother me.

While I found my Saturday visit a bit overwhelming, I at least got the lay of the land, made a list of desires in my head, then went and got a really good sandwich at SandwichMania aka (to me) Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches!, walked home, tried to nap, couldn't, went out again. Where the cuteness just continued (see Ships at Night review). And it continued right into Sunday afternoon, when I went back to Puces Pop to not only make (well-thought-out-by-now) purchases*, but also to talk to friends and great strangers/new-friends, take in some of film pop, be surprised by a free set by Patrick Watson on a grand piano, soak in the community and arty vibes.

At one point I left to get empanadas at Chilenita and go home, but decided to come back. I just felt I hadn't had my fill of community and art and friendliness and, yes, the cuteness, the beauty, the full-on free-form creative energy that made me come home and write and draw and make up songs. AWESOME.


*awesome leather bracelet made by awesome guy named Mark (his stuff plus others' also at Headquarters), alpaca free-trade soft blue mittens, organic face scrub, but no t-shirts for some reason - probably because I equally wanted five different ones and felt the competition btwn them to be too much - though in retrospect, the winner would've been the cloud-wringing robot one made by Tyler Rauman (of Telefauna) because, y'know, ROBOTS. I also wanted several cute purses, some made out of corduroy and with birds on them! Others with little owls on them!

So the plan before the next arts&crafts fair is for some kinda windfall to hit me in the wallet area. Then I will buy noize t-shirts and birdie purses for everyone!



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Mehran / February 4, 2015 at 01:09 am
"Poutineville" e7a sonne comme "Paradis" e0 mes oreilles :) :) :) Mais chuis de9e7ue, ils unitiselt des frites congele9es ?!? Chez moi dans ma cuisine, si e7a ne me tente pas de faire de friture, ok, mais au resto, comme on, forcez-vous les gars...

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