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Pop Montreal 2006

PartyPop, where to start? From the beginning, duh.

Posted by Nika / October 6, 2006

The opening party, a meet-n-greet 5 à 7 at the now infamous Salon B was my first stop after picking up my festival pass at Hotel Godin. Well at least I thought it was at the Salon B. But to my “pleasant” surprise, the party was happening next door in the actual funeral parlour itself, not in the quaint upstairs café. Apart from the fact that the place is usually meant for people to come say goodbye to their dearly departed, it’s quite a lovely space and extremely well located on the Main and Rachel. A bunch of swell people were in attendance: festival movers and shakers, a smattering of artists, organizers, volunteers, bothersome media-types with large cameras, hangers-on and a couple of flair bartenders with a knack for flipping up rum drinks that made me tipsy. But we don’t want to get to inebriated quite yet, grab your finest Sunday hat cause weez going to church!

Man, a funeral home… a church…what is this? A test of faith or irony at it’s finest? A few painful hours of sitting on a church pew, realizing that everyone I know is on shrooms (forget having any lucid conversations, thanks) and being forced to listen to Gonzales cluelessly wank around on a church organ… I came to the conclusion that my services are needed elsewhere at Pop Montreal. I escape the shackles of Catholic urban hedonism and head on back to the Main for more goings on.

“Does your beer taste like ass too?” Yes, because free beer is supposed to taste like ass. But we like ass, because we like free beer. We also like free shows at Preloved with free beer. Lastly, we love free beer at a free Hexes & Ohs/D’ubevilles show at Preloved.

With our next few shows happening at the Sala Rossa and a couple of hours to spare, we head over to the venue’s downstairs restaurant for some tapas and the weekly floor show. I have never had the opportunity to catch the classic Thursday night flamenco show before, but after watching her stomp around the place in her mary janes and passionately flipping around the hem of her dress, I plan on making it a ritual. If you haven’t had the chance, do yourself the favour. The sheer intensity of her gaze and the unspoken language she speaks with the guitarist is mesmerizing.

One Sloan, Spank Rock, Portastatic, Tokyo Police Club, Hot Springs and Mongrels show later, we find ourselves all reunited on the street in front of the Lambi. With no show left in us, we sift through our collected mass of party flyers, looking for the one paper that will give us directions to the Thursday night after party. There’s always an after party in Montreal and if hip-hop history serves us right, all we have to do to find the party is to follow the trail behind the kids from the Spank Rock/TTC/Omnikrom show.

and Saturday night kind of scare me. There are even official after parties that don’t have an end time. Say goodbye to my kids and tell my wife I love her.



Evelyne / October 6, 2006 at 06:46 pm
After the beer belly, beware the beer ass!
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