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Pop Montreal 2006

Sparklers, Balloons and the PopCast Show

Posted by Robyn / October 7, 2006

There Were Valleys, Vincat, The Dandybeards, These Hands
at the Green Room + Denitia Odigie at the Main Hall
Fri, Oct. 6/06
Yep, there were sparklers waving in the air during this show - specifically during Victoria-based Vincat's set. But they'd put bunches of balloons on the stage, so really, they invited blazing tines of metal into the scene. No worries; only a few of the balloons popped, and you could barely hear them anyway over the driving, teen-fun pop-rock of Vincat. Not only are they cute but they're talented AND they clearly enjoy what they do. Fun begats fun. And I'm a sucker for a westcoast accent, dude.

I got to the Green Room a few minutes after These Hands had ended, blast it all. But The Dandybeards, on right after them, pleased me in the way I needed, which was to sit down and chill for at least 15 minutes. The guy-girl duo from Cincinatti played guitar and keyboard(s) and sang a blend of pop and jangly folk, but again, like Vincat, it was from the heart - that always counts as something huge to me.


Because the PopCast show/party also included the shows upstairs in the Main Hall, I ducked out after Vincat to catch Nashville singer-songerwriter, Denitia Odigie. While I wasn't quite in the mood for her style of rock-country-blues heartfelt stories-in-song, the woman can sing, play guitar, and she's got POWER. Nothing fluffly there. And she had awesome boots on too. (Listening to the first song on her myspace page though: wow!!)

So then I went back downstairs to do a bit more sitting down, but this time among a packed house. So. Many. Cute. People. Pop Montreal is the cuteness festival. Suoni was the sexy-people-i-want-to-marry-
and-play-in-a-band-with festival, but this is the ohmygod-i-love-your-outfit-and-that's-a-really-
good-book-you've-got-there-in-your-shoulderbag festival. maybe i'm generalizing. maybe. but damn, i am a sucker for teh cute. ANYWAY, There Were Valleys were fun! I only expected to see two or three people up on stage but they'd arranged it so there were six of them up there. It made for an energetic show that blended keyboard pop with krautrock synths, some of those awesome wailing-type vocals I love, and the rocknroll beat.

Yeah, that was fun :D



Andrew Rose / October 12, 2006 at 12:34 pm
Oh, but you missed the Museum Pieces and Lil Pip? Those were the shows of the night.....
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