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Food, Pop Montreal 2006

Top Slop for Pop: Mile End

Posted by MP / October 4, 2006

Ah! Mile End. How much we love eating within your restaurants. Great selection of bites up here, not to mention lots of coffee to fuel your journey home the next morning when all the after parties have ended and spit your wriggling pop body out on the street. MP has revealed some of the best restos here - those close to Green Room, Main Hall, Sala Rosa, and the EXCLAIM! Stage (Ukranian Federation).

Check other posts for grub choices in the Plateau and Downtown.

Green Room, Main Hall, Sala Rosa

Cafe Esperanza
12 St-Viateur O (corner St. Laurent)
OPEN until 1am on weekends
Bohemian style decor and tasty veg-friendly menu. It ends up being more hip than hippie but it's still delicious with a double d.

La Sala Rosa
4848 boul. St-Laurent
OPEN : 5pm-11pm ; closed Mondays.
A leisurely meal of tapas & paella between friends, well sprinkled with some Spanish wine = La Sala Rosa. Old skool Spaniards play cards in one corner while drunk anarchists plan their next coup in the other. It’s heaven. Try the goat cheese balls in honey. They sound gross but, in reality, are the stuff of wet dreams. Did we mention that your next show is probably just up those stairs?

Casa del Popolo
4873 St-Laurent
OPEN : till 3am, but food service stops before the shows start.
The littler, more politically agitated sister of the Sala Rosa right across the street. Part venue, part resto with typical slow disinterested service. Nevermind that, all is forgotten upon eating the first bite of your yummy all-vegetarian sandwich. Get a pint of cider and read the show schedule while you wait. Cheap as all hell, every sammy is $5 and comes with tortillas.

Fairmount Bagels
74 Fairmount West
OPEN all the time
A couple of short blocks north and you’re at Fairmount, where one of Mile End’s several 24-hour bagel shops can be found. Eat these immediately; I’m working on a theory that Fairmount bagels are better fresh, and become nearly inedible if eaten the next day.

Jardin du Cari
21 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest
OPEN until 10pm most nights
Pretty much nothing in this city beats a chickpea and pumpkin roti here, which should be ordered with a Carib. If you’re hungrier, the curry plates have the roti fillings, plus rice, fried plantains and a salad dressed with what often seems to be pureed garlic.

EXCLAIM! Stage, Ukranian Federation

Beaumont at Parc Avenue
Not entirely that close, but I feel compelled to out Simeon, my favourite new restaurant, which is only a shortish bus ride away up Park Ave. This Sri Lankan spot on Beaumont occupies a former greasy spoon, and you can tell: the only thing that has changed is the food. Which comes in heat levels beginning at extremely spicy. Get the masala dosa and the onion bhaji.

La Croissanterie Figaro
5200 Hutchison
OPEN until 1am
Ignore the primarily bourgeois/jet-setting crowd, and enjoy what is a legitimately bohemian atmosphere: an Art Deco cafe filled to it's dusty embossed-tin ceiling with crazy ramshackle Art Nouveau decor. It's easy to imagine that at any moment Hemingway will be sauntering in for some Pernod. Meanwhile, you can partake in bowls of cafe au lait and delicious croissants, or baguette sandwiches, or have drinks over a reasonable table d'hôte from their nice little selection.

Cafe Romolo
272 Bernard W.
For drinks and light fare: I go there for cheap and delicious cafe au lait, for their always-on beer specials, for really yummy fresh baguette sandwiches, tasty light pizzas, and a particularly satisfying veggie/lentil burrito melty-thing. But mostly I go there because it is a perfect regular hangout. The staff is great-looking and charming; the space is bistro-like and comfortably neutral; the clientele is a proper cross-section of neighbourhood folks; and everyone pretty much leaves you alone.



rrrobyn / October 5, 2006 at 10:29 am

the polish place on st viateur at waverly - it's open later on thurs and fri evenings (i think until 9) and you can carb load with peirogies, vegetize and warm with borsch, fatify with kielbasa and bigos, and just plain freakin love the bread. and they are cute and nice there. plus it's a store for all your polish needs.

the new location of Chilenita (next to gas stn on st laurent south of st viateur) is also decent, though it appears they've raised their prices and quality can be hit and miss (i've been there only 3 times but i noticed this.)
Alex / October 5, 2006 at 11:05 am
<b>La Plus Belle Province</b> <br>
On the Corner of Fairmount/DuParc<br>
Fast food joint that serves beer. Everything is extremely greasy but who cares. One of the workers doubles as security agent for the dep next door.

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