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La Société Bistro: Taking us Back to Jazz-Age Parisian Opulence

Posted by Carolyn H. / November 21, 2013

Last week, the Parisian-style bistro in the Loews Hotel Vogue on de la Montagne threw quite a soirée that invited Montrealers to take a trip back to the twenties. Girls in fishnets and pillbox hats and jewels sat fanning themselves in a decorated window display to set the tone of this throwback cocktail party.

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Eat Your Heart Out, Montreal: It's Burger Week

Posted by Caitlin / September 4, 2013

burger special-04-09-2013.jpgAs I "sit" here at my computer, happy to live in a city that just isn't ready to come down from it's festival high, I have to remain in a semi-reclining position. "Bad back?" you may ask. And the answer is no: it's burger week in Montreal. And I ain't scared of taking part in the festivities.

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Drink Deep: Best Dive Bars of Montreal

Posted by Emily Hill / March 20, 2013

MP_Yer'Mad4.jpgWe like them shadowy, poorly decorated, and unpretentious. Hold the gimmicky cocktails and beachwood bar top. Every Wednesday for the next few weeks Midnight Poutine will post our picks of Montreal's most beloved dive bars.

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Poutine Week - AA Diner: More than 12 steps, but worth it.

Posted by Nick / February 6, 2013


It's oddly fitting that my first post for Midnight Poutine should be about the blissful, indulgent mishmash of crispy, hand cut fries, luscious gravy and ethereal, globular peppering of cheese curds that is responsible for the site's name. And this poutine in particular is one to be seriously marveled at.

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Chand Palace (of Indian Treasures)

Posted by Erika / May 10, 2012

Chand PalaceI take Indian food very, very seriously. And when a craving hits, it only makes sense to go to the motherland: Parc-Ex. I've been a long-time fan of Bombay Mahal, host of my first true experience, but I like to keep my options open. Chand Palace, formerly known as Curry & Naan, is actually right across the street and has proven to be a reliable spot to get it on. It's tiny, but good things really do come in small packages.

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Bonjour Supermarché

Posted by Stefan / August 8, 2010

front bonjour.jpg Tucked inside the ground floor of a bleak apartment complex at the corner of du Fort and Maisonneuve, Bonjour Supermarché could easily be overlooked by passerby. But within its bodega dimensions the vibrant market strikes a winning formula of quality and affordability that makes homemade Chinese food accessible.
noodles.jpg Three things make this grocer stand out. First, the range of products. Despite its tiny size, Bonjour offers an impressive breadth of items imported from China, Korea, and Japan. Alongside countless noodles, sauces, and dried goods, the aisles are lined with otherwise hard to find varieties of meat, seafood, tofu and produce. Items include thinly sliced lamb (perfect for hot pots), pork knuckle, chicken feet, dried shrimp, Szechuan pepper, Chinese broccoli, several varieties of fresh and dried mushroom, kelp, homemade kimchi, and dozens of snacks and beverages that I've yet to work through. Second, the prices. Just about everything sells for significantly less than at other neighborhood grocers. Random sampling: edamame ($2.49 for a bag), soft tofu ($1.69), enoki mushrooms ($1.69 for 300 g), large bag of dried noodles (the good stuff, not the instant stuff - $3.99), udon noodles ($0.69). Third, fresh items like pork buns and tea eggs are sold ready-to-eat. They also have pre-made dim sum and dumplings that can be taken home and steamed.

Put simply, Bonjour Supermarché is a compact and comprehensive grocery store with traditional and modern items from all over Asia. It's cheap, it's inviting, and it has everything you need to make great food at home.

Bonjour Supermarché
2070, boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest
Montreal, QC H3H 1K8
(514) 904-1804
Other Cities: Toronto