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Go Diving in Hollandaise Sauce at MOSAIK

Posted by MP / September 14, 2007

The hangover breakfast is a very important meal where I come from (here). Friends gather round, spending the meal piecing together the previous night’s follies, while gossiping about the latest hook-ups and spats. It is a true bonding experience. The combined qualities of the meal itself and the company it’s shared with are pivotal to its success. Although most scientists recommend crumpets, bananas, and orange juice (boring!) for treating a hangover, I must say that nothing beats a hearty greasy breakfast supplemented by alternating cups of water and coffee.

Always in search of a great breakfast place, I had to check out Mosaik, corner St-Laurent & Fairmount, after hearing rave reviews from my fellow breakfasters. I was not disappointed. I ordered the FRÖM, even though it sounds like the latest Ikea furniture piece, which is a delectable concoction of poached eggs and goat’s cheese on focaccia, swimming in hollandaise sauce, a delicious emulsion of egg yolks and butter. I have read claims on menus before boasting ‘volcanoes’, ‘rivers’ and even ‘floods’ of hollandaise sauce but I had been misled countless times. Not only are there heaps of this creamy sauce at Mosaik, but it is one of the best I have had. Not too oily, not too thick, not too salty, just right, and with a hint of lemon for distinction.

We also tried the cream of carrot soup (which almost tasted like hollandaise sauce as well) and the Californian salad, a refreshing plate of lettuce, strawberries, cheddar cheese, almonds and a raspberry dressing; a healthier choice than the FRÖM.


The coffee was nothing to write home about, but it does the trick. The décor is a little off-putting, what with multicolored walls and tables, almost like a lunch room in a preschool. It is still quite cozy though, probably because the staff is so welcoming. All and all a must for anyone recovering from a night of drinking in the Mile-End and beyond.

Where’s your favorite hangover breakfast spot in town? Do you have a favorite cure you’re willing to share? Comment below and let the debating begin!

Rating: 8/10
A typical meal will set you back about $15-$18, not including tip.

Restaurant Mosaik
5201 St-Laurent
(514) 277-9782
Open Daily 8am-3pm

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