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Quatre facons de survivre aux lendemains de veille

Posted by Phil / October 5, 2008

DrinksDes festivals comme le Pop Montr√©al peuvent facilement faire tomber n‚??importe qui dans l‚??exc√®s (400 groupes en 5 soirs, est-ce excessif?). Pour quiconque qui participera aux 5 jours de festivit√© du plus √©clat√© des festivals montr√©alais, les soir√©es dans les bars √† assister aux diff√©rents concerts peuvent emmener son lot abusif de cocktails des plus m√©lang√©s. Une blonde par ici, une rousse par l√†, sans oublier les quelques coups de tequila, vodka et sambuca risquent de faire chavirer les plus solides estomacs de ceux m√™me qui s‚??avouent √™tre buveur inv√©t√©r√©. MidnightPoutine vous propose quelques rem√®des tous aussi efficaces (ou pas) les uns que les autres pour combattre un dur lendemain de veille et pouvoir, ainsi, recommencer le tout dans les heures suivant une vraie bonne ¬ęcuite¬Ľ.

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DemoCamp Montréal 4

Posted by Georges / August 20, 2007

20070817_democamp_montreal_4.jpgLa quatri√®me √©dition du DemoCamp Montr√©al s'est tenue vendredi dernier √† la Soci√©t√© des Arts Technologiques. Il s'agit, pour simplifier la chose, d'une conf√©rence o√Ļ tout le monde peut s'incrire et faire la d√©monstration d'un projet qui lui tient √† coeur.

√? dire vrai, je dois bien avouer que cette √©dition ne fut pas ma pr√©f√©r√©e. Je ne mets pas en doute la bonne volont√© des participants mais force est d'admettre que les sujets trait√©s sont quelques peu restreints. Pourquoi ne pas utiliser les outils technologiques actuels (services web, r√©seaux sociaux, mashups en tout genre) √† des fins plus diversifi√©es ? Avis aux amateurs.

Ceci étant dit, j'ai passé un agréable moment. Au delà des projets présentés j'apprécie tout particulièrement l'ambiance ainsi que l'esprit d'innovation et d'initiative qui y règne. C'est l'occasion de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et d'élargir ses intérêts et/ou connaissances.

Pour toutes ces raisons, j'attends avec impatience le BarCamp Canada de cet automne. Les BarCamps offrent g√©n√©ralement une ambiance diff√©rente qui corrige l'aspect trop technologique des DemoCamps. √? suivre donc.
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Get Your Game On

Posted by Jade / February 27, 2007

20070229_hockey.jpgThink of it as a cross between MySpace and the bulletin board in your local gym. A new, free Montreal-based website,, is determined to get you out of the house and on your feet.

Dedicated to athletes and would-be athletes alike, finds you running partners, introduces you to neighborhood pick-up games, and helps you to finally organize that floor hockey team you‚??ve been meaning to put together. Member profiles with pictures, personal information, and sports preferences allow for not only quick searches to find that sixth person for the volleyball team, but also encourages casual socializing between users.

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Nerd Alert: Science and Science Fiction

Posted by Chip / February 15, 2007

Even though Snakes on a Plane didn‚??t make it to MP‚??s ‚??best of‚?? film listing for this past year, there‚??s no doubt many of you saw it and loved it, but would not admit to either. If you haven‚??t seen it, now‚??s your chance to cast aside any guilt and watch a screening under the premise of attending a scientific lecture. Seriously.

As part of the ‚??Freaky Friday ‚?? When McGill Scientists Bust Myths‚?? series, the Redpath Museum and the McGill Faculty of Science are bringing you, Ophidophobia: What is it with snakes? This lecture will be followed by a showing of the aforementioned Snakes on a Plane.

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Rockin' Thursday Night!

Posted by Cat / January 25, 2007

Boy oh boy oh boy, folks, are you gonna have a good time tonight! Why? Because you are a bunch of thinkers who aren't above shakin' the ol' hips from time to time. First, take yourself down to the Leacock Building of McGill University to contemplate your place in the universe at the second annual Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium.

Four giants of physics and astronomy will bring the fascinating and controversial Anthropic Principle to the public as they debate "A cosmic coincidence: Why is the universe just right for life?" The symposium will conclude with an open question period. All are welcome. RSVP not necessary, but limited seating.

In need of a little more "string theory"? Following the lecture boot it on over to Casa del Popolo where the magical Katie Moore, accompanied by good friend and great musician Warren Spicer, will open for "famous Dave MacLeod". Sup on that beer, continue the contemplative thread, and let the music bring home the REAL reason as to why the universe is just right for life. (Stay tuned for an interview with Katie Moore!)

Trottier lecture

Stephen Leacock Building #132, 855 Sherbrooke Street West
Thursday, January 25th, 5:00-7:00 PM

Katie Moore and David MacLeod
Casa del Popolo, 4873 boul. St-Laurent
Thursday, January 25th, 8 PM

Resolution: Hot Yoga

Posted by Christy / January 24, 2007

bikram yoga.jpgYoga is like going to confession. It involves spirituality, humiliation, and it can be hard on the knees. There's always a huge wall of mirrors which forces you to see, in brutal comparison to the regular class members, the twisted energy of selfishness and hate you've got stored in your body from years of obstinately not doing yoga. And there's always at least one calm ballerina-type who catches the one patch of sunlight in the room and sweats graceful rivulets as she splits open thighs the thickness of your wrist. You look at that, and then you look at yourself, and you think, I look like I belong in a cage.

So I said, To hell with bringing my soul into alignment, bring on the HOLLYWOOD GIMMICKS. And so I arrived at Moksha Yoga, in the heart of the Plateau, to give hot yoga a try.

Hot yoga is also known as "Birkam Yoga," named after its inventor, that crazy guy in the picture. It looks horrifying, but it's really just yoga that's done in studios heated to 38 C. The idea is, you stretch, and you breathe, and you sweat, and somewhere in there you burn 900 calories and grow in wisdom and stillness. I don't know about the wisdom thing yet, but I'll try to give you a run-down on what to expect if you decide to drop in.

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