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Dear MP

Posted by Matt / January 22, 2007

Dear Midnight Poutine,
I am what appears to be a regular Montreal guy with a fair amount of friends, and one pretty big secret. You see, I‚??m actually American and I am afraid if my friends find out they won‚??t like me anymore. What should I do? Should I continue with the charade, or come clean and own up to being a yank?
Secretly American

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Resolution: T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan

Posted by Christy / January 17, 2007

Photo courtesy of DCMatt
People get scared off from organized forms of exercise because they fear failure. What if, one asks oneself, I'm the worst player at the tennis club? What if I sign up for a gym and forget to go? What if I try to go for a run and COLLAPSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET? Dying in public is such drama.

That's why the slow-moving art of tai chi is so perfect. Tai chi is a surprisingly good exercise but, in North America, it has gained a reputation of being mostly for retired people and tiny Asian housewives. That's why you can work this form of exercise to your advantage, for with your young, supple limbs... you can be a tai chi ROCKSTAR.

Plus, it's also a martial art. So really what we're talking about is NINJA rockstars. That's right.

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Resolution: Spinning

Posted by Christy / January 10, 2007

Marietta.JPGDedicated to helping you maintain your New Year's resolutions, MidnightPoutine presents Resolution, a six part weekly series on trends and options in Montreal fitness.

Spinning is to riding your bike what Jazzercize was to accidentally kneeing yourself in the face. Its image has been tarnished by the throngs of soccer moms who flocked to it at gyms in order to judge each other's cellulite. However, at Cycle Pop, a bike shop whose only gym-like feature is a bank of spin bikes, spinning is sleek, business-like, and a killer work out. The first time I tried it, I fell off my bike, staggered to the bathroom, and threw up.

Yes, it's that awesome.

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An Open Letter to Worry Warts

Posted by Matt / January 4, 2007

Now I know this is going to sound controversial, and I‚??m not one to stir up the muck, but boy oh boy, if this balmy weather is any indicator of global warming, well by gosh, just count me on board for the global warming train. Toot! Toot!

I mean, my goodness, who could complain about green grass in December, and 18 holes in January? Certainly not me, that‚??s for darn sure. I mean, a fella sure could get used to this sort of thing.

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Cerveau grillé : Monster Trucks vs Dat Politics & Kevin Blechdom

Posted by MP / November 23, 2006

Certaines soir√©es deviennent m√©morables par contraste. Deux activit√©s extr√™mement intenses cons√©cutives aux implications oppos√©es peuvent provoquer quelques "glitchs" c√©r√©braux parfois appr√©ci√©s. Un des exemples qui illustre bien cette situation est lorsque mes amis et moi avions eu la brillante id√©e d'aller voir l'installation stroboscopique de Gary Hill au MAC suivi de Spice World au Palace 6 √† 2.50$. √? la sortie du "Girl Power Fest" nous avions envie de nous frapper la t√™te avec des objets contondants. Une exp√©rience similaire s'est pr√©sent√©e samedi pass√©.


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RIDM Preview: Big Pharma Big Bucks

Posted by Hannah / November 15, 2006

allegra.jpgLately, things just haven‚??t been feeling right, you know? Where are my golden fields of waist-high grasses, my miles of sandy beaches with crashing waves, and my bicycle trips? Why haven't I been singing in the shower?

Lately, I‚??ve been watching too much TV and letting the drug ads get to me.

But it‚??s not me. It‚??s them. Big Bucks Big Pharma set me straight. The film dissects the pharmaceutical industry‚??s marketing practices and how it makes us think about health and wellbeing. By attaching social meaning to the products, the ads stir up emotions, and generally make us feel unfulfilled. It's a quick fix for many of our social ills.

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