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Sleepless on St. Laurent

Posted by Hannah / November 17, 2005

clock.jpg Red eyes and dark circles under your eyes getting you down? You're not alone. Statistics Canada says that more than 3 million Canadians suffered from insomnia in 2002. If you're getting less than 6.5 hours of sleep (compared to your friend's 7.5) you're sleep deprived.

Most people ignore their sleep troubles as just one of those things. But one in five suffer from another ailment that is at the root of their snoozing problems--including asthma, diabetes, arthritis, back problems or heart disease. Obesity, alcohol and stress also steal hours of precious Zzzz away.

You can usually fight the odd sleepless night with a hot bath or some meditation, but if it's a chronic problem--a three or four month long thing--you're better off trying to get medical help.

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