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20 years of ice free roads

Posted by Hannah / January 17, 2006

Icy_sign.jpg This afternoon's rising temperatures and wet grey clouds can only mean one thing to Montrealers. This week's arrival of surface coating ice will arrive on a Tuesday night. The wildly fluctuating temperatures zipping back and forth across the freezing mark are making our roads and sidewalks treacherous. Time for the city to invest in an alternative enviro--and car--friendly treatment to keep pavement free of ice for up to 20 years.

Russ Alger, the director of the Institute for Snow Research (!!) at the University of Michigan, has created a sealant that traps de-icing chemicals, avoiding the need to reapply them to the road.

From the online Popular Science article:

One coating lasts up to 20 years and can reduce the use of magnesium chloride by 75 percent and eliminate the need for rock salt altogether. This saves your car and the environment from the corrosive effects of chloride-based chemicals.

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