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Resolutions: Standing The Test Of 18 Days

Posted by Dave / January 18, 2006

balloons.jpgYes, everyone makes a New Year's Resolution. If you don't, you may not have a soul. You may not officially make a resolution, but we all know that in our minds there is at least one resolution there being whispered to ourselves by "that" little voice. However, can you even have it last a whole 18 days?

The question is, does making a resolution actually make it harder to stick with? Keep in mind that, generally, resolutions are not huge. People don't think to themselves on New Year's Eve "I'm going to cure cancer this year". However, no matter what the resolution, it has been scientifically proven (I can't back this up) that making a resolution will actually make it impossible to accomplish.

Anyway, here are some resolutions of a few MP contributers. Perhaps they can enlighten us on how it's going 18 days into the year.
It's standard, it's cliche, but my resolution is to travel more (more being:
more than trips to toronto, which really just don't count as "travel").
Sooo, anyone have any spare airmiles?

2006, will be the year of the photo. My camera will be my sidekick. I will not let the
cost of development scare me away from taking photos. Instead, I'll take only B&W and develop them myself.
I kid you not, but I have been forced into resolving that I will burn
my friends less, if at all. After having received the mantle `` Don
Rickles of Montreal `` my reign is now over. Bah, humbug.
My New Year's Resolution:
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
1. suck it up and learn french. as malcolm's colossal guilt trip reminded me, being way too old/busy/shy is no excuse.

2. be a rock star. some might say we're about thirteen months too late
to get on board the montreal-next-big-thing gravy train. i say the
world is finally ready to handle the sonic anal probe that is MP's
very own house band, dreck.

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