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Frank and Gordon's family tree

Posted by Hannah / February 24, 2006

frankandgordon.jpg With the Olympics coming to a close, I guess we'll be seeing a lot less of those Bell Canada beavers, Frank and Gordon. Or maybe not. People seem to love 'em more than they hate 'em. The pair even have their own website and are currently campaigning for a "much needed" National Beaver Day. (Oh dear...) As Cat pointed out in December, they're a little bit creepy. But what can you expect from a mammal whose origins lie in the Jurassic period.

Yup, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, so did the beaver. A team of paleontologists were digging around in Inner Mongolia when they came across the 165-million-year-old fossil of a Jurassic beaver. It had a flat slap-happy tail and a fur-like pelt. The find "stunned" the experts, who have had little luck understanding how mammals evolved. And clearly mammals, or at least beavers did, because in my lifetime beavers have gone from building funky stick houses on rivers to riding escalators, talking on cell phones and playing video games. beaver 2.jpg

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