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On Company Time #4: Nerds!

Posted by Sara / February 8, 2006

Welcome to On Company Time, Midnight Poutine's weekly guide to things you can sneak off and do on the Interweb when the boss is in a meeting.

This week we honour Tony Alleyne, the Brit who declared bankruptcy after turning his apartment into the Starship Voyager. You may remember his pad from the tragicomedy Trekkies 2.

Here's what the the Uber-Review had to say:

He started transforming his apartment after his wife left him when he replaced the refrigerator with a 'warp coil'. The apartment is located in Hinckley, Leics, has moulded walls, touch-panel blue lighting, and a command console. He even built a life-size model of the show's transporter room with reshaped windows to look like portholes and set up vertical lights to give the illusion of being beamed up. Tony at one time had the apartment for auction on eBay for $2 million but had no luck in selling. Tony maxed out 14 credit cards accumulating £100,000 in debt. His goal was to lure other Trekkies to pay him to convert their humble abodes.

Tony, this one's for you.

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